Fabric Aftercare

Face Masks

Regularly washing your face mask after use is recommended. To preserve the fabric and get long lasting use out of the product each mask has been supplied with an organic cotton wash bag. The mask is not suitable for machine washing or tumble dry. Hand wash only.

Washing Process

  1. Place mask inside cotton wash bag.
  2. Fill sink with warm water using non-bio mild detergent.
  3. Thoroughly wash the mask.
  4. Gently rinse and squeeze excess water.
  5. Line dry.
  6. Suitable to lightly iron while damp.

Silk Scarves

By purchasing a Wilding scarf, you have bought into something truly special. We do not produce scarves for a season but rather a lifetime. Our aim is to create legacy pieces. To retain to lustre and quality of the fabric it is important take care of the material. It is not suitable for machine wash or tumble dry. Specialist dry clean only.